Welcome to the healthcare revolution!

Welcome to the healthcare revolution! It is our premise that the current approach to healthcare is out of balance and broken. We believe that the United States’ healthcare system has moved away from wholeness and toward a system focused mainly on symptom and chronic disease management, proving to be detrimental to our health, well-being, and the economy. We believe there is a better path forward.

Our story begins with our founder and CEO, Ty Burgess. Ty worked in healthcare for close to 20 years, his last role, a hospital CEO. Despite having all of those resources at his fingertips, he struggled with autoimmune disease, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, and his symptoms continued to snowball. It was out of desperation and what those close to him describe as his relentless curiosity that led Ty to begin researching all types of medicine and healing modalities. Through this journey, Ty finally found health and well-being and is excited to be able to pay it forward. 

Rooted in a symptom management approach due to his teachings and many years in healthcare, Ty was surprised to learn that our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies are intimately interconnected and interdependent. Ty is now steadfast in his belief that by nurturing all four, we can reduce stress, the primary cause of inflammation and chronic disease development.  

Often overlooked, stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization. Between 75–90 percent of diseases are reported to be related to stress. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, chronic stress was shown to cost U.S. employers over $300 billion annually. Given there has been an over 400% increase in adults in the United States reporting stress-related symptoms, the cost has likely increased significantly. We believe, if caught and managed early, we can prevent and manage many chronic disease states and support people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.  

With that same passion and commitment to health and well-being, we are mobilizing our team of multidisciplinary wellness experts to employ innovative technologies to develop a solution to support as many people as possible who are currently suffering or are likely to suffer from stress, which can lead to devastating chronic disease. We want to go one step further and use proven machine-learning algorithms to predict the onset or advancement of disease and then prevent it.    

With an unbridled passion and commitment to challenging the status quo, we are ambitiously bringing the future to the present. With an experienced and passionate team of entrepreneurs, technologists, clinicians, and holistic health experts at the helm, Hive Wellness is more than a product or a service: Hive Wellness is a movement with a resolute vision to empower people to achieve whole-person wellness and build a happier and healthier world. We are a movement that does more than just fix the current healthcare system: we are reimagining and rebuilding a more affordable, accessible, and effective system that is evidence-based and rooted in science, yet lives outside of the constraints of traditional healthcare.  

There is a better path forward, and the time for an updated approach is now. Using artificial intelligence and a highly innovative and personalized approach supported by mounting scientific evidence, we are committed to delivering something truly different to the market.  And there has never been a greater need.   

The Buzz, our blog, will include diverse pieces that feature industry leaders, evidence-based approaches to wellness, personal anecdotes, and thought leadership.

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