Challenging the Status Quo, Benefits Consultants as the Catalysts for Change


As a disrupter in the employee-health-benefits sector, Hive Wellness developed a white paper illuminating current problems, opportunities, and trends in healthcare in the United States. Challenging the status quo, Hive Wellness is calling on Benefits Consultants to be the catalysts for change.


Our healthcare system is broken, with unsustainable rising costs:
Total healthcare spending will continue to grow at a rate faster than household income.

Our GDP will experience over a 100-trillion-dollar loss due to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs):
88% of deaths in America result from NCDs, and this percentage is continuing to rise. However, we know that many of these conditions can be prevented and even reversed if caught early.

There is little incentive for these trends to change on their own:
Net earnings for insurance companies have risen 145% year-over-year, and the pharmaceutical industry revenue mirror this trend.

Consumers are catalyzing changes in health care delivery:
Consumers are driving change and helping to shift the market from reactive healthcare to proactive health and well-being.

Benefits consultants are uniquely positioned to be the catalysts for change:
Leveraging AI and machining-learning-technologies available today, benefits consultants can better profile the health, stratify the risk, and identify gaps in care in an intelligent, data-driven, and customized manner for their clients.

Are you interested in learning more about how to leverage technology to strategically support your clients? And help improve the overall health of your clients’ populations?

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